What’s your Weapon

There’s always been discussion and argument over which weapons would be the best to survive the zombie onslaught. Maybe you will choose to go with with melee weapons, if so, will they be blunt or sharp? Maybe you’d rather use firearms. Will your weapon be larger or smaller? Maybe you can’t decide whether to use melee or firearms and decide to go with a musket.

Image result for bayonet musket assembledImage result for zombie drawing

Sharp weapons you use to hack with have the chance of getting stuck. Sharp weapons you use to stab are usually only effective if you get them in the brain. Blunt weapons are nice, but mostly require more strength to actually do some damage and it might even take more than one swing to bash your enemy’s head in. explosives would only be effective on large groups and hordes, or to clear an obstacle out of your way(or if you wanna go out with bang). There are other weapons, a chainsaw would pretty damn cool and turn those undead freaks into a bloody mess, it would even come of great use if you needed the wood to build a shelter, or if you needed to take one down, but they also have a high demand for fuel. So with all that said, here is a list of the top 10 best melee weapon for all you berserkers out there, and if that’s not your thing, here is a list and discussion on the top 10 best guns to use when the dead come knocking on your door. Happy hunting.


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